WD Black 2TB Performance HDD

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WD Black 2TB Performance HDD

When it comes to hard drives, I recommend Western Digital. 2TB is a lot of space and the WD Black 2TB Performance Hard Drive is a fast drive available at a good price. It spins at 7200 RPM and has a 64MB cache. The drive I recommend has the model number WD2003FZEX. WD HDD model numbers contain information about the type of technology inside the drive. For example, drives with model numbers ending in FAEX contain outdated technology and are no longer manufactured. Drives ending with FZEX and FZWX contain newer technology. The last two letters refer to the cache size. EX means the drive has a 64MB cache while WX means the drive has a 128MB cache. Drives with a 128MB cache cost a lot more which is why I’m recommending the 64MB version.

According to the official specifications sheet, the drive reads and writes at a speed of 164MB / second. When tested, the drive exceeds the official specs, reading at 182 MB / second and writing at 176MB / second. Keep in mind that 2TB is the pre-formatted capacity. As with any drive, you will lose space when you format it. For a 2TB drive you will lose 150-200 GB leaving you with 1.8TB.


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