Many people are interested in tips to buying a computer. Ultimately, you have 2 options:


Buy a Brand Name Computer

Brand name computer system

When buying a computer for gaming, the three most important components to pay attention to are main memory (RAM), the video card and the processor. If you buy a computer that only barely meets the requirements for the next game you want to play then you won’t be able to play the game with its graphics settings on high. In addition, in 6 months there might be a new game that you want to play but your computer will probably not meet the requirements, forcing you to upgrade.

Therefore, if there are certain games you want to play in the near future, I suggest you look at the recommended requirements for each of them and write down those that are the most demanding. Show the list to a salesman at your computer store and if you can afford it, try to get a computer that exceeds those requirements: a faster processor, more main memory than the recommended amount and a video card with more than the recommended amount of memory. If you can’t afford that or if there aren’t certain games you want to play in the near future, just buy as much as you can comfortably afford.




Custom built computer

Design Your Own Computer

This is what I always do. When it’s time for a new computer, I design my own. I buy all the parts from one store and then let the guys at the store put it together. I don’t design a “gaming computer” with an expensive gaming case with colored internal lights and several intake fans. I prefer to spend my money on good internal parts so I end up with a fast, powerful computer. Gaming computers are the same under the hood as other computers designed for gaming; they just have fancy, expensive cases.

If you go to a computer store with a list of the recommended requirements for the most advanced game you plan to play in the near future, a salesman can then help you design a computer that meets those requirements. The processor, main memory and video card are the three main components that will determine your computer’s performance. If you can afford it, get a better processor than the one recommended by the game manufacturer. Also, get more than the recommended amount of main memory and a video card with more than the recommended amount of memory.


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  1. Anna

    Good read. I used to like stationary computers as you could build your own based on your needs. But the time passed and other priorities kicked in, so now I do not think I would be able to build my own computer. I currently use a laptop for my day-to-day work, but my eldest son, who is a big-time gamer would actually benefit from this post and your website!

  2. OnlineBzDog - TQ

    This is an interesting tip on buying a computer. I can use this advice for sure. Now I know how I can get a computer built for me, bring the list to the tech. lol. I have never a computer build for me before. This will be a great experience. Great advice, thank you.

    • admin

      Not every store will be as willing to spend the time necessary to design a computer but there are definitely some stores that will help you. I know that because I’ve been in stores like that. Also, you learn a lot by designing or having someone help you design a computer.

  3. suzanne

    Hi Peter,
    Great article. I completely agree with you. My son is a gamer and he builds his own also. It’s always made a big difference for him and what he could afford.
    Great advice,

  4. Valerie

    An interesting post.

    I had no idea that a computer to be used for gaming requires anything different to a computer used for other purposes.

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