Antec One for low noise, EVGA Bronze PSU for reliable, stable power and Silverstone FF123B to keep out the dust.


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PC Case

Antec One

As an inexpensive gaming case, I recommend the Antec One. It’s 17.2” high and has three 5.25” external drive bays and five 3.5” internal drive bays. That means you can install 3 DVD/Blu-ray drives and 5 HDDs. It comes with a rear exhaust fan and a top exhaust fan – both 120mm. There’s room to install a 120mm front intake fan under the external drive bays and a 120mm side intake fan in the left panel. There’s also room for a 120mm/140mm fan in the bottom of the case. Lastly, the maximum video card size is 10.5”. It’s a great case, suitable for overclocking and available at a great price.




EVGA 500B 500W Bronze Power Supply

I recommend the EVGA 500B 500W Bronze Power Supply. It’s 80 Plus Bronze certified so it delivers reliable, stable power. EVGA offers 80 Plus Bronze power supplies in other wattages too (550W, 600W, 650W, etc).



PC Fan Filter

Silverstone Tek FF123B Fan Filter

I recommend the Silverstone Tek 120mm FF123B Ultra Fine Fan Filter. I use 3 FF123B filters with my current computer. One covers the grill on the floor of the case, another covers an opening under the external drive bays (where you put DVD drives) and the third covers the grill on the left panel. Together they prevent a lot of dust from entering the computer. To clean them I just rinse them and let them air dry.


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