Noctua NH D15 SE-AM4 CPU Air Cooler for AMD

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Noctua NH D15 SE-AM4 CPU Air Cooler

The thermal limit for Ryzen processors is 70 degrees Celsius. When you overclock a Ryzen, the temperature increases quickly. If you plan to overclock a Ryzen 5 you need to get a high-end CPU air cooler. I recommend the Noctua NH D15 SE-AM4. Noctua is one of the most respected names in the PC cooling market and the NH D15 SE-AM4 is one of the best air coolers available. The NH D15 SE AM4’s high level of efficiency is due to it’s design. It has a nickel plated copper base, six nickel plated copper heatpipes soldered to the base and two stacks of aluminum cooling fins. Each of the fins is also soldered to each of the heatpipes.

The NH D15 SE AM4 comes with a Noctua NF-A15 PWM fan installed between the two stacks of fins. A second NF-A15 PWM fan is included in the box. This fan is optional; if you choose to use it, you must install it yourself. The fans can spin at a minimum of 300 RPMs and a maximum of 1500 RPMs. As PWM fans, their speed can be controlled through the motherboard. The NH D15 SE AM4 performs very well in terms of both air flow and noise level. The following information is from Noctua. The NF-A15 fans each push 140.2 cubic metres per hour of air and have a maximum noise level of 24.6 decibels.


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