Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Flight Sim Joystick

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Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick

I recommend and currently use the Extreme 3D Pro. I only play one game where using a joystick makes sense and that game is Klingon Academy. Since it’s one of my favourite games I want to play it with a good joystick. The last time I played the game I used the Extreme 3D Pro for the first time and it performed very well.

The base is wide and flat with rubber pads under the four corners. This makes for a stable joystick that doesn’t slide around on your desk. The base holds six buttons to the left of the handle and a throttle between you and the handle. The handle, itself, is of the twist variety. It’s responsive and holds five buttons plus the trigger. There’s also an 8-way hat switch on top of the handle.

This joystick is meant for right-handed players. Placing the joystick directly in front of you is probably best. The four buttons on top of the joystick and the hat switch are within easy reach of your thumb. A fifth button on the left side of the handle is also easily controlled by your thumb. Position your left hand on the base so you have four fingers for controlling the buttons while your thumb controls the throttle.


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