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BackgroundAbout Peter

My name is Peter. My education and work experience are entirely within the computer industry and like you, I have a passion for computer games. I had never owned a website before so I decided to create one that caters to gamers, providing them with forums for discussing games as well as many useful tips.


Avid Gamer

I like many genres of computer games but my favourite is RPG. I’m referring to RPGs where you have a sword, a bow and a suit of armour. Depending on the game you may or may not have a shield or a horse. You then travel from city to city fighting bandits, witches, demons, monsters and other assorted creatures and bad guys that need killing and you can use your sword, bow or magic when you fight. My favourite games in this genre are Gothic, Gothic 2 – Night of the Raven, Risen and Fable – The Lost Chapters.

When I design a new computer I keep it for several years. I don’t buy a new videocard every 3 months and I don’t overclock. I suppose that means I’m not a hardcore gamer and I fall into the casual gamer category. One can often find both these categories mentioned in reviews. For example, a review of gaming cases might divide all the cases into 2 groups with titles like “Cases for Hardcore Gamers” and “Cases for Casual Gamers”: The author of the article would then recommend cases in each category.

The problem I have with the label “casual gamer” is that it sounds very weak. It sounds like it refers to someone who is actually not very interested in playing computer / video games. I think there should be another category half-way between “casual gamer” and “hardcore gamer”. This category would refer to people who are big fans of computer / video gaming but are not into overclocking like hardcore gamers. What about “avid gamer”? Synonyms for “avid” include “eager”, “enthusiastic” and “passionate”. I like it! “Avid gamer” it is. I’m always willing to consider trying a new game, especially an RPG. Therefore, I would personally use the Recommendations forum as a way of finding new games.


Happy Gaming!

I hope you find the information here useful. Discuss a game, post a recommendation, or read a few recommendations if you’re looking for your next game. This site can also help you troubleshoot a problem, improve computer performance, and show you how to research parts. Thank you for visiting my site.

Happy Gaming!