A gaming computer requires a good size case and a reliable power supply. You can also add fan filters to keep out the dust.

PC Case

My favourite manufacturer is Antec. If you choose Antec you can find cases that are not too tall yet there is room for several HDDs and enough room to easily install and remove DIMMs and expansion cards. They are well built, quiet cases.







Power Supply

Identical wattage power supplies are not all created equal. A brand X 500W PSU can be very different from a brand Z 500W PSU. To ensure you get a reliable power supply at any wattage, make sure it’s 80 Plus Bronze certified. That means the PSU is at least 80% efficient or wastes 20% or less electric energy. It’s also important that the amperage is adequate on the voltage rails. The +12V rail, in particular, is very important. Look at your video card’s requirements. It should indicate the required amperage on the +12V rail. Usually, 30 amps is enough. If you’re designing or upgrading a computer, determine the amount of wattage you need with a power supply calculator. This one provides 2 modes – Basic and Expert:


Fill in the form and click calculate. The site will tell you how many watts your power supply needs and will recommend a high-end Gold power supply. An 80 Plus Bronze power supply in the recommended wattage is enough. You don’t need a Gold PSU. Don’t forget to ensure that the +12V rail has sufficient amperage.


PC Fan Filter

Case fan filters keep a lot of dust out of the case. Some manufacturers, such as Silverstone, make magnetic filters. Since they’re magnetic they stick to any metal part of the case. Put them over fan grills or large openings to prevent dust from entering the computer case. To clean them, just rinse them and let them air dry.

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