This post is for anyone who has ever wondered “Why does my computer screen go black?”. If the screen turns black you have an issue that could have a software or hardware solution. I’ve had this issue on three occasions. Twice, I was able to use a software solution; the other time I had to replace the videocard.

Perform the following steps in the order listed.

  1. Reinstall the game.
  2. Download game patch.
  3. Download the latest video driver.
  4. Download the latest audio driver (probably won’t help but some display problems are caused by audio drivers).
  5. Reduce the graphics settings to their minimum and play for an hour or until the screen turns black again. If the screen turns black again, it sounds like the cause of your problem is inadequate hardware. Don’t waste time performing anymore troubleshooting. You most likely need to replace the video card but I would take the computer to a technician for accurate diagnosis. If the screen no longer turns black, it might be that the game’s graphics settings were too high for your video card to handle. In that case, continue to step 6.
  6. See the document “Speed Up My Computer for Free” in the “General Tips” menu. Skip the first 3 sections – “Reinstall the game”, “Download game patch” and “Download Driver Updates” – since you have already performed them. Click here to go there now.


Click here to go to the next troubleshooting page “Audio Problems”.



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