If the sound is bad, it could be either a software or a hardware problem. A software cause for bad sound would be the sound card / sound chip driver, while a hardware cause would be the sound card / sound chip or the speakers.


Perform these steps

1) Insert a music CD in the DVD drive, unplug headphones from DVD drive if any are plugged in and listen to a song through the speakers. Is the audio good?

2a) NO. If music CD sounds bad, plug known working headphones into the DVD drive and re-test. Is the audio good?

3a) NO. If sound is bad with headphones, reinstall / update the sound card / sound chip driver and re-test. Is the audio good?

4a) NO. If sound is still bad, the soundcard / sound chip appears to be the problem and must be replaced. I recommend you take your computer to a technician for accurate diagnosis

4b) YES. If sound is good after reinstalling / updating the driver then the driver was the problem

3b) YES. If sound is good when using headphones, 1 or more of the speakers are the problem

2b) YES. If music CD sounds good, the game is the problem. Look for a patch from the manufacturer. If problem remains, reinstall the game and the patch


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