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The Gaming Den is a site where gamers of all platforms and genres can recommend games to other gamers in dedicated forums. We’re glad you stopped by and would love to receive your recommendation.


Purpose of The Gaming Den

How do you choose your next game? There’s more than one way to do this. I often read reviews written by people who review games for a living. These people often play a game for only a few hours before writing a review and then moving on to the next game on their list. I usually have better luck if I talk to someone who completed the game or at least played it for more than a few hours. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a site dedicated to providing PC gamers and console gamers the opportunity to give game recommendations to other gamers? That is the purpose of The Gaming Den.


Features of the Gaming Den

Recommend a game / read recommendations

If there’s a game you want to recommend, point to “Forums” in the menu bar and click “Recommendations”. That will take you to the Recommendations forums. Then, find your platform and the appropriate forum. Now, tell us about your game. It doesn’t need to be long and you don’t need to write like a pro. Just tell us in a couple of sentences what you like about the game. Whatever you write is appreciated. To make this forum as useful as possible, there should only be one thread per game. Therefore, before starting a thread, use the search tool on the right to search for your game to see if a thread already exists. If a thread already exists, reply to it, putting all your comments in the reply. If a thread doesn’t exist you may create one. Duplicate threads may be deleted, leaving only the original behind.

Are you looking for a new game? Why not take a few minutes to read recommendations from other gamers?


Discuss a game

If there’s a game you want to talk about, feel free to do so in the “Discussions” forums. Start by pointing to “Forums” in the menu bar. After clicking Discussions, find your platform and the appropriate forum.


Read tips about improving gaming performance

Video game consoles are optimized for performance. If you’re a PC gamer and would like some tips on improving gaming performance, point to Tips in the menu bar to display three sub-menus. Point to “General Tips” and then click “Speed Up My Computer for Free” or “Upgrade Hardware to Improve Performance”.


Get help troubleshooting a problem

The “Troubleshooting” sub-menu is where you can read about possible solutions to some common problems that PC gamers might experience. Point to Tips in the menu bar to display three sub-menus. Point to Troubleshooting and then click the topic that interests you. If instructions are given to make changes to Windows, the instructions are for Windows 7. There may or may not be instructions for XP in brackets.


Get advice on how to research parts for a computer

Every few years I design a new computer. The “Research Tips” sub-menu will show you the steps I follow when choosing parts. Point to Tips in the menu bar to display three sub-menus. Point to Research Tips to see two options: “Buying a New Component” and “Component Information”.

Buying a New Component is where I show you step by step how to research parts for a computer

Component Information is where I discuss all the categories of computer components as well as recommend a few brands. For monitors and power supplies I also discuss important technologies that one should be aware of before making a purchase.


Read some recommendations on PC components

The Parts menu is where I recommend at least one component in each of several categories


Read a review of one of my favourite games

“Best of the Best” is a review of one of my favourite games. It was ahead of its time in several ways when it was released in 2001. The graphics are now very dated but they can be improved significantly with mods. I provide links to all the mods you need to improve the graphics, stability and performance so the game can be played in a modern Windows environment.


Read reviews on games and hardware

Looking for a new game or suggestions on hardware upgrades? The “Reviews” menu has reviews on both good games and good hardware for gaming PCs.


Contact Me

If you have suggestions on how to make this site better or want to contact me for any other reason, use this address: admin@the-gaming-den.com.


Thank you for visiting the Gaming Den! Come back soon – you might find your next game right here.