Every time you try to launch a game the following error message appears:

“Please login with administrator privileges and try again”

This error message is caused by a Windows update. Microsoft knowledgebase article KB3086255 discusses it. Click here to read the article.

You have 3 options. You can enter some commands at the command prompt, edit the registry or uninstall the update. All three options, from the user’s point of view, accomplish the same thing and all three options put the computer at the same amount of risk. The simplest solution is to uninstall the update. I uninstalled this update from my computer because it was preventing me from playing some of my games. If you want to play your game, you have no choice but to use one of the three options. Below are the Windows 7 steps to uninstall the update.


Perform the steps below at your own risk:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Change “View by:” in the top right corner to “Category”
  3. There are 8 categories. The bottom left category is “Programs”. Under “Programs” it says “Uninstall a program”. Click on that
  4. The “Programs and Features” window opens
  5. At the top left is a menu bar. Under the menu bar you should see “Control Panel Home” and below that “View installed updates”. Click on “View installed updates” shown in blue in the picture
  6. Click in the search text box in the top right corner of the window
  7. Enter KB3086255. As you enter each character the list of installed updates is searched automatically making the list smaller and smaller until only 1 update remains (if it’s installed).
  8. Click on the update to uninstall it


Click here to go to the first troubleshooting page “Autoplay Doesn’t Work”.



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