Adequate virtual memory is essential for smooth gaming performance. If you’re running Windows 7 or later you might see the error:

“Your system is running low on virtual memory”

In Windows XP the error is:

“The paging file is too small for this operation to complete”

Virtual memory is a section of your hard drive set aside for Windows to use when it runs out of main memory. Windows always ends up using virtual memory. You need to make sure there’s enough or your game and possibly Windows will crash. The steps below are for Windows 7. The steps for XP, when different from Windows 7, are in brackets:


  1. Right-click “Computer” on the desktop (Click Start at bottom left. Right-click “My Computer”) and select “Properties”
  2. Click “Advanced system settings” on left side (click “Advanced” tab)
  3. Click “Settings” in “Performance” section on “Advanced” tab to load the “Performance Options” window
  4. Click “Advanced” tab
  5. Click “Change” in “Virtual memory” section
  6. Select C: from the list of drives
  7. Set Initial size and Maximum size to a number equal to twice the amount of main memory. So if you have 8GB of memory, set both “Initial size” and “Maximum size” to 16GB. Value must be specified in MB. To convert GB to MB, multiply number of GB by 1024 so 16GB is 16384 MB.
  8. Click Ok all the way out to return to the desktop


Click here to go to the next troubleshooting page “”Please login with administrator privileges and try again””.



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