Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse

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I recommend and currently use the Logitech G602. It’s responsive and has 11 programmable buttons. It’s wireless so no cable to get in the way. The G602 has two modes which affect battery life and performance – Performance mode and Endurance mode.

A mouse’s polling rate specifies how often it reports its position to the computer. For example, a 200Hz polling rate means the mouse reports its position to the computer 200 times per second. In Performance mode, the G602’s polling rate can be set to 250Hz or 500Hz. A high polling rate reduces the time between when you move your mouse and when the pointer moves on the screen. A polling rate above 500Hz isn’t necessary and only puts unnecessary strain on your computer’s processor. To change the polling rate, use Logitech Gaming Software.

In Endurance mode the polling rate is locked at 125Hz. A higher polling rate can mean better performance but at the cost of shorter battery life. The G602 is powered by two AA batteries. Battery life is up to 240 hours in Performance mode and up to 1440 hours in Endurance mode.

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. A mouse’s DPI level determines how far the mouse pointer moves when you move your mouse. The G602 has a DPI range of 250 – 2500 with a default level of 1500. A high DPI setting makes the mouse pointer move further across your screen when you move the mouse. The lowest setting of 250 would make the mouse slow for anything and annoying to most people. The DPI level can be raised or lowered with two buttons within easy reach of the index finger. It can also be set in Logitech’s gaming software. The DPI level that works best varies from game to game. High DPI levels are needed more often with FPS games than other game genres.

I’ve had this mouse since late 2015 and used it in Endurance mode at the default DPI level to play many single-payer games from different genres including FPS, RPG and strategy; it has always worked very well.

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