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The Gaming Den is a site where gamers of all platforms and genres can recommend games to other gamers in dedicated forums. We’re glad you stopped by and would love to receive your recommendation.


Features of the Gaming Den

Recommend a game / read recommendations

If there’s a game you want to recommend, point to “Forums” in the menu bar and click “Recommendations”. That will take you to the Recommendations forums. Then, find your platform and the appropriate forum. Now, tell us about your game. It doesn’t need to be long and you don’t need to write like a pro. Just tell us in a couple of sentences what you like about the game. Whatever you write is appreciated. To make this forum as useful as possible, there should only be one thread per game. Therefore, before starting a thread, use the search tool on the right to search for your game to see if a thread already exists. If a thread already exists, reply to it, putting all your comments in the reply. If a thread doesn’t exist you may create one. Duplicate threads may be deleted, leaving only the original behind.

Are you looking for a new game? Why not take a few minutes to read recommendations from other gamers?


Discuss a game

If there’s a game you want to talk about, feel free to do so in the “Discussions” forums. Start by pointing to “Forums” in the menu bar. After clicking Discussions, find your platform and the appropriate forum.


Read tips about improving gaming performance

Video game consoles are optimized for performance. If you’re a PC gamer and would like some tips on improving gaming performance, check out the “Tips” menu. Point to Tips in the menu bar to display several categories. Then, click the category that interests you.


Get help troubleshooting a problem

The “Troubleshooting” menu is where you can read about possible solutions to some common problems that PC gamers might experience. If instructions are given to make changes to Windows, the instructions are for Windows 7. There may or may not be instructions for XP in brackets.


Get advice on how to research parts for a computer

Every few years I design a new computer. The “Research Tips” menu will show you the steps I follow when choosing parts. I talk about all the categories of computer components as well as recommend a few brands. For monitors and power supplies I also discuss important technologies that one should be aware of when making a purchase.


Buy consoles, computers, parts, games or anything else (under construction)

Go to the “Store” menu to buy products like gaming computers, video game consoles, monitors, games, PC internal components or anything else. I make several recommendations but since I’m mainly familiar with PCs and PC gaming, only PC-related items are mentioned. Also, I don’t recommend high-end components. Rather, I recommend components that most people can afford. In addition, specific games will never be mentioned in the store. I will only recommend games I have played and those can be found in the Recommendations forum. If the product that interests you is not mentioned in the Store or the sidebar, don’t worry. Just, please click the banner in the sidebar or go to any Store page (click here) and click any picture. On Amazon, type the name of the product that interests you in the Amazon search bar. Perform as many searches as you want and make a purchase whenever you’re ready. Keep in mind that whether you use one of the links on this site or go directly to Amazon, the cost to you for any product is exactly the same.

By using the sidebar banner or one of the links in the Store to go to Amazon and then buying anything, you are helping to keep this site running. Your support doesn’t cost you anything. Thank you for your support.


Contact Me

If you have suggestions on how to make this site better or want to contact me for any other reason, use this address: admin@the-gaming-den.com.


Thank you for visiting the Gaming Den! Come back soon – you might find your next game right here.



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